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     Everyone knows that the most successful people tend to have strong self-images. They feel they are good at what they do. They are confident in how they look and how they interact with others. A positive self-image can be natural; however, it often takes work to develop a positive self-image and continued work to maintain it.

     The first step in having a positive self-image is to realize that you are a good person (whether you see that at the moment or not). Even when you feel your weight is a bit high or you are not closing enough sales opportunities or you don’t feel comfortable socializing in business situations, you are still a good person. Understand this point so you can begin a self-image evaluation with a positive mind set.

     If you find yourself having a less than positive self-image, a quick review of “why” may be in order. Do not get down and dirty with the review, just think about what may be bothering you that could affect your confidence. For me and many others, weight is an area we are frequently concerned about. When I put on weight and my clothes begin to feel as though they were shrunk in the wash, I immediately start to think that I do not look good in what I am wearing. If I think I look bad to others my self-image begins to slip and my confidence begins to wane. You get the point. A logical approach to resolving these problems is:


•       Identify the cause of the negative self-image.

•       Design a plan to resolve the problem.

•       Execute that plan.

•       Work at relaxing.

     Maintaining a positive self-image is part of the task of being a positive person. You will, from time-to-time, fall off the wagon and feel bad about yourself. Not to worry. The easy answer to maintaining a positive self-image is to keep your concerns and worries in perspective. A good way to begin this process is to ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” This tends to put a realistic and workable perspective on an issue immediately. With this new perspective, you now have control over the situation, which of course helps to raise or maintain your self-image. See, not so hard, is it?

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